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The magical land of Rajasthan is famous for its historical sites, rich culture and festivities. Travelling to Rajasthan can be a lifetime experience for anyone. Our colourful tours of Rajasthan presents a variety of forts, palaces, wildlife safaris, desert safaris in charming sand dunes and the mouth-watering cuisines of Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the most colourful state of India and it presents a perfect combination of natural beauty, old culture, romantic sites and chivalry. Tourism in Rajasthan plays major role in the economy and development of Rajasthan state, therefore Rajasthan tourism is one of the major earning sources of many in this historical state.


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It is a land of surprises, as the mood swings with the change of the seasons. It is a place abounded by amazing natural beauty and boasts of a rich culture tradition and a glorious history. The people who holds a great interest in visiting the old palaces which has a great history attached and wants to spend his time in quiet and serene places then Rajasthan is the perfect destination to chose. Rajasthan tourism has not only history but also a great culture and tradition which attract the visitor in a large number. Adventure activities such as tiger watching activities, camel safaris, elephant polo, horse riding and biking etc are also available in Rajasthan tourism. The magnificent palace hotels that remind the glorious past in complete royalty also make the stay more comfortable and memorable for the visitors.


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There are many interesting places in Rajasthan which has to offer to the visitors in Rajasthan tourism packages. Sightseeing of Rajasthan includes tour of palaces whereas the romantic town of Udaipur is famous for lakes.

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